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The West Coast Innovation Center, United States

The West Coast Innovation Center (WCIC) in San Francisco, Calif. is strategically located in the heart of the San Francisco / Mission Bay region life science community, advancing research and fostering partnerships to discover and develop new treatments to address areas of high unmet patient needs. The West Coast Innovation Center is currently collaborating with leading organizations such as the University of California, San Francisco and the University of Pittsburgh.

Who this is for

  • Universities
  • Research institutions
  • Startups and biotech companies
  • Digital health companies
  • Venture capital firms

What it’s about

Innovation partnerships and networking opportunities related to:

  • Our core therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular, oncology and gynecological therapies, along with ophthalmic and hematology indications
  • Entrepreneurs and startup companies focused on novel drug discovery platform technologies and new drug targets
  • Early research innovation through digital health
  • Connections with Bayer scientists and partners, including Casebia Therapeutics and startup companies in the CoLaborator

We offer

  • Partnering opportunities with Bayer
  • Evaluation of opportunities by Bayer scientific experts
  • Networking events with San Francisco biotech companies, startups, academia and Bayer
  • The CoLaborator for startup biotech companies
  • Connection to Bayer digital health experts from the Bayer iHub
  • Research and drug development scientists
  • Biologics manufacturing expertise in Berkeley, Calif.

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