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Partner Your Antibodies

Evaluate your antibody or derivative with Bayer support. This crowdsourcing initiative helps you explore the possibilities for it to be developed into an innovative drug.

submission closed
December 31 2017

Who this is for

  • universities
  • other academic research institutes
  • startup and biotech companies

all over the world with an interest in pharmaceutical R&D

What it’s about

Novel antibodies and antibody derivatives relating to

  • oncology
  • cardiology (including kidney and lung diseases)
  • gynecological therapies
  • hemophilia

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We offer

  • financial support to evaluate your antibody or derivative
  • intellectual property rights remain with the applicant
  • a Bayer contact to help you with any questions
  • opportunities for further collaboration in antibody exploration

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Submission deadlines

December 31st, 2017

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