Our mission and our approach

Global challenges to feed and heal a growing and aging population are opening up exciting opportunities to explore new approaches, partnerships and business models. At Bayer, we understand the power of collaboration, which is why we are tapping into the world’s innovation ecosystems – and plugging into the brightest within and beyond Bayer – to explore, discover, test and co-create leading customer-centric solutions in health and nutrition.

We love working with bright minds within and beyond Bayer - from academia and industry to startups – to prototype, incubate and scale up solutions that matter most to those who count.

By collaborating across borders we are building up innovation ecosystems that are opening up a whole new world of possibilities in the fields of health and nutrition.”
Monika Lessl,
Head of Corporate Innovation & R&D at Bayer
Monika Lessl

We are constantly searching for new technologies and creative approaches to develop more effective treatments in the fields of health and nutrition. Together with bright minds also beyond Bayer, we join forces to develop new therapeutic options for patients, as well as solutions to optimize agricultural output and effectiveness.

Our Open Innovation approach spans from strategic partnerships related to our core business areas over in-licensing activities and co development of assets to crowdsourcing initiatives and creating ventures in order to drive disruptive technologies.

Our Open Innovation Strategy follows a three-pronged approach, namely:

Leveraging LifeHubs at global innovation hotspots

With our network of Bayer LifeHubs at innovation hotspots across the globe we are catalyzing impactful solutions at the intersection of health and nutrition.

Our LifeHubs provide the perfect springboard to:

  • Connect with the community through networking, mentoring and meetup
  • Create impactful answers through collaboration with customers, entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Incubate solutions through exploring new skills, technologies and business models
  • Partner with experts through strategic alliances that explore cutting edge technologies

Driving Open innovation programs & partnering

Together with bright minds also beyond Bayer, we join forces to develop new therapeutic options for patients, as well as solutions to optimize agricultural output and effectiveness.

All in all, with our Open Innovation programs, we offer 

  • Startup acceleration 
  • Funding of novel ideas 
  • Tailored partnering programs
  • Co-working / lab space 

Forging cutting-edge venturing activities

By investing venture capital, we support new companies in life sciences to explore disruptive technologies beyond our core. This was the key driver of Bayer’s innovation initiative “Leaps by Bayer”.

Leaps by Bayer is spearheading a movement to make paradigm-shifting advances in the life sciences – targeting the breakthroughs that could fundamentally change the world for the better. 
Across healthcare and agriculture, Leaps by Bayer is aiming to conquer ten huge challenges facing humanity. Some people call them impossible. We call them leaps. We feel it is our responsibility to set new benchmarks; to find the courage to begin where others resist; and to drive breakthrough innovation. And we will not do it alone: we will collaborate with the world’s smartest minds in biotech.

It’s an approach that helps Bayer accessing cutting-edge technologies which impacts human health as well as crop science. The operating model is unique and stands for building new companies in collaboration with third parties (such as biotech companies, venture capital funds or hedge funds). Leaps by Bayer is complementary to Bayer’s divisional R&D approach as it only works on new technologies with breakthrough potential that aren’t part of the Bayer R&D portfolio.

To tackle these challenges, Bayer has founded three new companies to access disruptive technologies and breakthrough innovation:

  • Casebia Therapeutics: The objective of Casebia is to research curative treatments for several rare human diseases in Hematology/Autoimmune by utilizing CRISPR/Cas-based DNA editing.
  • BlueRock Therapeutics: The focus lies on research around pluripotent stem cell technologies with the defined objective to create breakthrough innovations to cure Parkinson’s and chronic heart failure.
  • JoynBio: Initial efforts focus on nitrogen fixation to enhance sustainability in agriculture. Researchers will broadly explore application of beneficial microbes to plants for next generation solutions to agriculture’s biggest challenges.