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Innovation is part of our DNA – it's in our mission statement: science for a better life

Kemal Malik, Board Spokesman for Innovation at Bayer
and Dr. Monika Lessl, Head of Strategic Innovations

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life sciences at bayer: what we are doing

Life Sciences

at Bayer
We are constantly searching for new technologies and creative approaches to develop more effective treatments against diseases affecting humans, plants and animals.

Human Health

Bayer Life Sciences
To improve people’s lives by preventing, alleviating and curing diseases

Plants & Crops

Bayer Life Sciences
To provide high-quality food, feed and plant-based raw materials

Animal Health

Bayer Life Sciences
To maintain the health and well-being of pets and farm animals.

life sciences at bayer: why we do it

Press on one of the rings
Press on one of the rings
Innovative seed and modern crop protection products help to solve the need to use natural resources as efficiently and sustainably as possible.
Our medicines offer ways to treat diseases, aiding an aging population to live longer and more active lives.
Our products and services improve the quality of life through medical care and help to feed the growing world population.
Our Goal
is to overcome the biggest challenges of all time

Our global Network of Innovation Hubs

Our global innovation networks service offering enables clients to design, build and optimize innovation on a global scale through the creation of innovation networks that combine R&D, market intelligence, and local talent and resources.

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We believe in level playing fields.
Working with you in an equal partnership is very important to us.

We are reliable partners

Our overall goal is a true partnership which allows both sides to develop and prosper. We will be a committed partner for the entire duration of our collaboration with you.

We treat your ideas fairly

We are big enough to deliver, but passionate enough to care about every project! We stand by our commitments and treat our partners with respect.

Responsive and open dialogue

We are flexible and strive for tailored solutions that will fit both parties’ expectations. We’ll give you a direct contact to help solve any questions that may arise.

Partnering activities

  • Strong Partnerships with Bayer

    Bayer joins forces with companies, startups, and academia to advance promising compounds – small molecules and biological compounds – from pre-clinical stages to marketed products. We also in-license specific discovery and platform technologies to support our own innovative research. Comprehensive alliances with research institutes whose expertise complements our own are also welcomed.

  • Public-Private Partnerships

    To advance fundamental life-science research we engage in pre-competitive collaboration with partners from academia and industry, patient organizations and regulatory authorities. For instance we actively contribute to the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) and the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC).

  • Venture Capital Investments

    By investing in venture funds we support up-and-coming companies in life sciences. We rely on partners like Versant Ventures, Flagship Ventures and the High Tech Gründerfonds with in-depth expertise and an excellent track record.

  • Bayer Lifescience Center

    The Bayer Lifescience Center (BLSC) is a new venturing unit within Bayer that focuses entirely on the development of fundamental breakthrough innovation for humans, animals, and plants by creating a platform that allows technology combination and know-how amplification. Through a network of partnerships BLSC will tackle fundamental challenges to cure human and animal diseases as well as to advance crop protection.