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License agreement with Yara

February 20, 2017

Bayer and Yara International ASA (Yara) have entered into a software collaboration and technology license agreement to provide farmers worldwide with digital farming tools that help increase farm productivity, profitability and sustainability.

Bayer and Biosystems

December 21, 2016

Bayer has entered into an agreement with Leica Biosystems to collaborate on the development of companion diagnostic tests based on tissue samples using RNAscope® (a multiplex nucleic acid hybridization technology) and immunohistochemistry for cancer patients.

New sensors for insect monitoring

December 05, 2016

Bayer and FaunaPhotonics cooperate to develop new sensor solutions for improved monitoring of agricultural insect pests as well as non-target insects including beneficials. Efficient pest control which spares beneficials and pollinators is one of the biggest challenges facing farmers worldwide.

Bayer becomes partner of the Centre for Crop Health and Protection consortium

November 10, 2016

Bayer has joined the Centre for Crop Health and Protection (CHAP) located at Sand Hutton, United Kingdom, which unites public academic institutions and private companies. The partners will collaborate on innovative solutions to improve agricultural productivity – a vital aspect of food security.

Bayer and CUBE open cooperation space in Berlin

October 31, 2016

The global start-up initiative CUBE opened the CUBE Cooperation Space in the center of Berlin, which is now available to start-ups, industrial companies and partners from the CUBE network as a venue for collaboration. Bayer is a founding member and Life Sciences partner of CUBE.



London, UK

Trend Hunter’s Future Festival

You'll experience next year's trends from the #1 trend firm, while prototyping 5 - 10 disruptive ideas using the same award-winning innovation workshops we've used to help NASA prototype the journey to Mars." – Jeremy Gutsche, CEO & NY Times Bestselling Author

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Glasgow, Great Britain

DIA Annual Euro/Meeting

The DIA 28th Annual EuroMeeting brings stakeholders together to collaborate on when, where and how innovation leads to advances in health care product development. From patient engagement in clinical trials to proactive lifecycle management, the 2016 themes have been designed to inspire breakthroughs in uncovering innovative solutions for patients.

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Washington DC, USA

AACR Annual Meeting

The AACR Annual Meeting is the most comprehensive cancer research meeting in the world, where the latest and most exciting basic, translational, and clinical discoveries are presented. It is a unique opportunity for members of the cancer research community to learn about cutting-edge advances, obtain feedback on their own research, and make connections that will foster future collaborations.

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Munich, Germany

Nicholas Hall INSIGHT 28th European OTC Conference

Reviewing the impact of New Technology on OTC in Europe and beyond, Nicholas Hall will once again be joined by key industry figures and opinion leaders to both share their expertise and join you for the ultimate OTC networking opportunity.

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San Diego, USA

American Society for Photobiology

Come visit us in San Diego, exploring the frontiers of research on photoexcited states and their mechanistic role in skin photodamage and photomedicine !

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London, UK

Open Innovation Summit

With the sharing of knowledge, internal and external, being crucial to this process, the Open Innovation Summit, London 2017, provides an intimate platform to discuss new ideas and best practices with leading experts.

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Tokyo, Japan

CPhI Japan

CPhI Japan showcases the rapidly progressing scenario of the pharmaceutical industry of Japan. Alongside Japanese companies a large number of International companies will provide the global overview of this sector with new innovations and research techniques.

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