LifeHub Singapore

LifeHub Singapore is located at the crossroad of Asia with access to a talent pool from around the world. Today, Singapore is one of the most innovative cities in the world and has become one of the leading centers for the life-sciences industry.

World class infrastructure, strong intellectual protection and the dynamic local R&D landscape attracts renowned medical researchers from around the world. Singapore’s diverse population allows scientists to study diseases across ethnicities, including Chinese, Indian, and Malays, which cover a large part of the population within Asia.

These favorable conditions lead to a strong drive in medical innovation. They make the LifeHub Singapore a strategic node in the company’s global network of pharmaceutical Innovation Centers. The LifeHub steers all of Bayer Pharmaceuticals regional activities, from managing existing collaborations to paving the way for new collaborations from Singapore and South Korea to Australia and Taiwan. Its focus is on translational and clinical research on diseases prevalent in Asia.

What’s in it for you?

  • Collaboration opportunities
    Partner with us in early-stage, translational and clinical research in R&D fields related to our focus in pharmaceutical R&D.

  • Meetups
    Join scientific activities such as workshops or lectures and networking events among academic and Bayer researchers.

  • Alliance Management
    Partner with us to advance your science and innovations.